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Creator of The Yin Method

The Yin Method is about holding space for people to safely go within. To reach into the darkness and release that which is hidden and that which is READY to be released.


This is my journey, so this is our journey.

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yin: untangled

(the podcast)


Yin: Untangled with Cat Mead is a discussion on all things Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy, Life and Learning.


There is so much for us all to learn.

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Newcastle Yin Yoga

All of my in-person yoga classes are held at The Open Mind Space in Broadmeadow, NSW. I'm also the Studio Manager there and look after their website, socials and lots of other things. It's pretty great.

I currently teach these weekly classes:

Sunday - 5.30pm - Yin (90mins)

Monday - 4.00pm - Yin (60mins)

Tuesday - 4.00pm - Yin (60mins)

Friday - 6.00pm - Yin & Meditation (75mins)

Many of these classes fill to capacity, so it's important that you book your spot here.

If you're new to the space you can sign up for our 2 week intro offer for just $25. You get UNLIMITED classes in this time so you can see what resonates and works for you.


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online COURSES


Chakra Yin

5-part Online Yin Series

If you've been feeling a little off-balance, living from your head instead of your heart, this 5-part Online Yin Yoga Series is exactly the thing you need.

Using specific long-held yin yoga poses designed to access, notice and connect with each of your Chakras, or centres of energy, these classes give you space and time to sit with yourself, to get your energy moving well and to release ‘stuff’ you don’t need to hold anymore.

You will feel more connected to yourself, refreshed, recharged and you might just find that you have had the capacity to heal yourself all along.

You can practice this series in your own time, as many times as you like. It has no expiry, no time limits, and you can practice the classes in any order.

Elemental Yin

5-part Online Yin Series

Strong. Powerful. Soft. Yielding. Growing. Nourishing. How do you find balance between all of these different states?

By paying attention to them and the energy contained within. By intentionally giving yourself space to set free your inner magic & wisdom which balances and nourishes you.

These 5x 60min classes take you through the traditional Chinese Nourishing Cycle which brings together 5 elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) having a generating & nourishing relationship, feeding from one to the next, to leave you feeling deeply balanced, calm and, dare I say it, magical.


​There is no expiry and you can practice these classes in your own time, as many times as you'd like and in any order you'd like ❤

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