My Qualifications

Bachelor of Social Science (w/ Distinction)

with The University of Newcastle (2015)

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

with Byron Yoga Centre (Oct 2015)

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with The Yin Space (Oct 2019)

15hr Advanced Yin Workshop

with The Yin Space (Nov 2019)

20hr Yoga Anatomy Training

with Yoga Medicine (July 2020)

25hr Chakra Yin Teacher Training

with Dr. Truth Robinson - Living Yin (November 2020)

50hr Deepening Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Carlos Romero - Livin' Inspired (Jan/Feb 2021)

A B O U T  C A T

Yoga Teacher & Creative

My story, I guess like everyone else, is long. I came to yoga in 2013 and at that time had absolutely zero idea how much it was actually going to change my life.

After a few years I decided it was time to do my teacher training and so in 2015 I went to Byron Yoga Centre and completed my 200hr YTT with John Ogilvie.

I immediately began teaching upon my return to Newcastle, but after quitting my job, starting a yoga business, a few more ups and downs and really taking a while to find my feet I took about a year-long break from teaching in 2018. After a bit of time I realised that Yin yoga is where my heart is and I missed teaching it.

In October 2019 fate brought me to the 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Melanie McLaughlin and it was absolutely incredible. I thought I loved Yin before that! A month later I completed her Advanced Yin yoga workshop and it's safe to say, I am obsessed.



The Yin Method

Deciding to start The Yin Method was not a decision I took lightly. Some might say I have a habit of new shiny things sparking my interest and then I start them and don't finish them. Being aware of this habit, I wanted to make sure that this interest in specialising in Yin Yoga was not just a fun shiny thing before I rushed into it.

It's not.

The Yin Method is an extension of me. Yin yoga is something I practice regularly and I am completely fascinated by the transformative nature of this practice. 

My intention here is to share the Yin Yoga love with as many people as possible so that we can all experience this healing practice that allows us to access so much more LIFE than we could ever have imagined.


What's Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga consists of passive poses held over time, often between 3-8 minutes. It is a slow, juicy practice that is designed to give you space for your muscles, mind and breath to settle so that your nervous system can become calm, bringing you back to balance.

Most of the yin poses are done on the floor and are held for several reasons:

1. To calm the nervous system and to (finally) get out of fight or flight and into rest & digest mode.

2. To give our muscles space to relax so that we can move deeper into our connective tissues.

3. It’s a mind game. Often we can find some discomfort over time in these poses. So sitting within this and doing the work to allow our body up settle and make space helps is to build resilience within our everyday lives.

This is a very basic overview of what yin yoga is. I recommend giving it a go to experience it for yourself!  highly recommend giving it a few tries before you make up your mind of whether it’s for you or not.