Lay on your back and reach your arms overhead. Take your left wrist in your right hand and start to move your arms, shoulders, head and chest over to the right. Your hips will stay where they are in the centre of your mat. Then move your feet and legs over to the right so that you are in a banana shape.


To exit move your legs slowly back to centre first, followed by your upper body. Rest for a few moments in the centre of your mat and then repeat on the opposite side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches side body (obliques & intercostals)

  • Compresses opposite side body

  • Opens shoulders/armpit

  • Lateral (side) bend of the spine

Contraindications: Shoulder issues, neck issues – you can either keep your arms overhead or one or both can be lowered if needed. Lower back issues - don't go too deep.

Props: If you have lower back issues it can feel really nice to place your feet on a bolster here, or just don't go too deep. Otherwise, no props are generally needed.

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