Starting from a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. Instead of pulling your heels closer to you see if you can leave a big diamond shape so your feet are further away.


From here we are allowing ourselves to round our spine forward as we come into the pose. Your head may hang, if comfortable for your neck. It may rest on a block or you may just hold it neutral.

To exit the pose use your arms to assist you to roll slowly up. Use your hands to bring your knees back together. You can then take some movement or come straight to your back to rest.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretch the lower back

  • Stretch the inner and/or backs legs

  • Nourish the kidneys

Contraindications: Lower back injury or sciatica (elevate the hips or avoid), neck injury (hold head neutral and don't drop the head), sore knees & hips (use support under knees as necessary).

Props: Bolster and/or block (as needed)

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