Sitting with your relaxed legs straight in front of you take a deep breath in and sit up tall. On your exhale breath start to fold forward by hinging at the hips and then slowly allow your spine to round.


Your feet can be together, hip distance wide or even wider if you need extra space.

To exit the pose use your arms to assist you to roll slowly up. Use your hands to bend your knees back up. You can then take some movement or come straight to your back to rest.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches lower back

  • Stretches backs of legs

  • Stretches neck (with head dropped)

  • Aids digestion (with belly compression)

  • Nourishes kidneys and adrenals

Contraindications: Lower back injury (elevate your hips as needed), neck injury (don't drop head).

Props: Bolster and/or block (as needed).

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