Start from a standing position and bring your feet about hip distance wide. Your feet can be wider if you’d prefer. From here allow your upper body to start rounding forward as you come into a standing forward fold. If it’s possible and pain-free in your lower back see if you can keep your legs straight.


If necessary, you can bring your elbows to your thighs for support (pictured below) or you can bend your knees. Your arms can hang loose here or you can bend your elbows and bring opposite hands to opposite elbows as you dangle.


To exit the pose bend your knees and slowly bring yourself down onto your hands and knees and then find your way to your back to rest.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretch lower back

  • Stretch backs of legs

  • Decompress neck & between shoulder blades (with head hanging loose)

  • Aids digestion (with belly compression)

  • Nourishes kidneys and adrenals

Contraindications: Lower back issues. If this standing forward fold is not possible in your lower back, try caterpillar pose instead. If you have high blood pressure, it's best to avoid this pose.

Props: You can use a block or bolster under your hands if necessary.

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