Start in a seated position. In this pose one leg is in front of us and one leg is behind us. Make sure you do both sides, but for ease, we’ll focus on the right side in front here. Bend your right knee and keep it in front of you at a 90 degree angle. Your left knee will bend and come behind you. Be mindful to keep your right thigh and hip grounded here as this will support your front knee.


Your front foot can be close to your body or further away, and your back leg can be more straight or more bent. Once you’ve setup your legs, you can either stay upright or you can fold forward. Be curious here. Does it feel best to fold directly forward or do you need to take yourself to the left or right? It might be different on different days.


To exit the pose you can either bring yourself up, bringing weight into your hands and bring yourself onto hands and knees, you can come into downward facing dog or you can lay on your back before repeating on the second side.

Physical Benefits:

  • Stretches inner and outer hips

  • Stretches groins

  • Assists digestion


Contraindications: Knee issues (support the front knee with a bolster or blanket if needed).

Props: Bolster or blanket as needed.

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