Double Stirrup

From your back, bend your knees and bring them in towards your chest. Take each knee in each hand and separate your knees so they come wide of your torso. Your first option is to stay here. You may move on, keeping your knees bent but lifting your feet so they are above your knees and taking hold of the backs of your thighs.


If possible the final option is to reach up on the inner legs and take hold of either the inner or outer edges of your feet.

To exit the pose gently release your grip, bring your feet & knees back together and then find your resting pose.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches lower back

  • Stretches inner & outer hips/groins

  • Decompress SI joint

  • Assists digestion (with compression of belly)

Contraindications: Don't go too deep if you have lower back issues and use support under your hips if needed.

Props: If you need support for your lower back you can use a bolster, blanket or towel underneath you for support. If you need support for your head and neck you can use a block underneath your head.

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