Starting in a seat, take your legs wide into a straddle position. Make sure you don’t push your legs too far, just let them go as wide as they comfortable go.


From here we are rounding our spine forward to make our way into a forward fold. Your head may hang, if comfortable for your neck. It may rest on a block or you may just hold it neutral.


It doesn’t matter how far you can go in this pose. Try not to push against resistance and support yourself with props as needed.

To exit the pose use your arms to assist you to roll slowly up. Use your hands to bring your knees back together one at a time. You can then take some movement or come straight to your back to rest.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches lower back

  • Stretches inner & backs of legs

  • Stretches hips & groins

  • Nourishes kidneys and adrenals

Contraindications: Lower back injury or sciatica (elevate the hips as needed), neck injury (don't let head hang), injuries to inner knees or hamstrings (bring knees closer together).

Props: Bolster and/or block (as needed)

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