Start on hands & knees in a child’s pose position – big toes touching, hips to heels and knees going as wide as you can.


Your choice is to fold forward from here (like a really wide child’s pose) or you can start to separate your feet so that they are going wide and stretching back behind your knees. Ideally we’re looking for our knees to now be going outward and to be in line with our hips and we want our feet in line with our knees behind us. You can then bring your elbows to a bolster or the floor, or if you have space you can bring your chest to a bolster or the floor.


To exit the pose make sure you move slowly. There’s really no one ‘right’ way to come out of this pose. You can lift up on your hands and then slowly bring your knees together, you can roll forward, or come out in any other way that suits your body.

Physical Benefits:

  • Stretch the groins & inner hips & inner legs

  • Mild compression in lower back

  • Can assist digestion

Contraindications: Lower back issues. Knee issues.

Props: Blanket for under your knees. Bolster and/or block.

Variations: There is an option here to instead come in a Tadpole pose - very similar to child's pose, but we are looking to take our knees as wide as possible. If this is still not suitable (especially for knees) come to the wall and try the supported wall version.

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