Half Butterfly

From a seated position keep your right leg straight in front of you (or slightly out to the side) then bend your left knee and bring the sole of your left foot in to meet your inner right thigh. Your knee will drop open to the side. Turn your upper body slightly toward your straight leg and then start to round into a forward fold.


To exit the pose, use your hands and arms to assist you to roll slowly back up to a seated position, take movement or find a few moments of stillness and then repeat on the second side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretch lower back

  • Stretch backs of leg & open hip

  • Stretch neck (with head dropped)

  • Aids digestion (with belly compression)

  • Nourishes kidneys and adrenals

  • Gives space in the spine (with rounding forward)

Contraindications: Lower back issues or sciatica (elevate your hips as needed). Knee issues (place support under the knees as needed).

Props: You can use a bolster or a block to support your head or sit on (or both) here.

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