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Intro to Yin Yoga

Online Course

When I first started learning and teaching about Yin Yoga I wanted a resource that would teach me exactly what I needed to know just to get me started...without feeling like I needed a science degree.

This is exactly what I've created with this on-demand online course that you can move through at your own pace.

Intro to Yin Yoga (5).png

Hey, I'm Cat.

Yin Yoga Educator & Intuitive

I pride myself on being ability to break down concepts and ideas, that can be complex, in an easy-to-understand way.

Teaching yoga since 2016, my passion for teaching Yin Yoga and educating people about Yin Yoga has now culminated in this introductory course.

I'd love for you to join me as we plant the seeds for growth in this field of Yin Yoga, which is a transformative practice with the power to heal on many levels.

Intro to Yin Yoga

What's Included?


History of Yin Yoga

How did we get here and how does Yin differ from other styles of yoga?

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Intro to Fascia & Bones

What is fascia and why does it (and your bones) matter in yin yoga?

3 Principles of Yin Yoga

Understand the 3 basic principles that make a Yin practice.

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Yin & Yang Theory

What are Yin qualities and what are Yang qualities?


Compression vs. Tension

Which ways can we move in Yin to effect us physically & energetically?

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Yin & Yang Tissues

Learn how to target 'Yin' tissues and use 'Yang' tissues within yoga.


Teaching & Practicing Yin and Yang styles together.

Learn the difference between Yin & Flow (or Yang) styles of yoga and how to practice them together safely.

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Archetypal Yin Poses

Learn the different ways we can move in a Yin Yoga practice.

Using Props in Yin

Why we use props and some of my favourite ways to use them in Yin.

Kidneys Masterclass

Learn the qualities of the Kidneys as well as the locations we work with them in the body.

5 Elements Masterclass

Learn how to balance your emotions using the TCM Nourishing Cycle.

Intro to Yin Yoga (5).png

Let's break it down:

  • 10 Lectures (audio with slides)

  • 2 Yin Masterclasses

  • 2 Practical Classes

  • 3hrs Content + 55 page PDF

  • Lifetime Access + Future Updates

  • Self-paced and on-demand

Terms & Conditions: Upon purchase of this course you agree to not share, copy or distribute in any form the information contained without written consent from The Yin Method or its representatives. You agree to respect the intellectual property within. You also agree that upon purchase, no refunds or cancellations will be made available. Thank you.