Place your bolster sideways next to you and move your right hip up against it. From here you’ll start to lay over your bolster so it’s supporting your right side. Your left arm can come over your head and you can either rest your head on your arm, a block or on the floor if that’s comfortable. Your legs can either be bent, straight or staggered.


Go where it feels good.


To exit the pose, use your top hand under your shoulders to press yourself off the bolster and either lay on your belly with the bolster pressing into your belly, lay on your back (either with or without the bolster) and then repeat on the second side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretch side body (obliques & intercostals)

  • Compress opposite side body

  • Open shoulders/armpit

  • Lateral (side) bend of the spine

Contraindications: Neck pain. Lower back issues. Shoulder issues.

Props: Bolster and a block if necessary.

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