Come Home to Yourself.

This delicious little yin practice is focused on our Spleen & Stomach energy lines, getting into the front line of the body.

This energy relates to our feelings of personal power, feeling at home in our body and being able to digest our lives & emotions. This practice helps to bring your awareness inward, to each moment, to unpack your stories & habits and to come back home to yourself, your body, your breath.

The poses, in order:

🥨 Sphinx (+ Seal Option)

🥨 Child’s Pose

🥨 Dragon Lunge

🥨 Butterfly

🥨 Two Knee Twist

I taught this class today and it was an hour with 3-5min holds for each poses. Don’t forget to do both sides in dragon and REST after each pose for at least a minute.

A beautiful way to finish this practice is with a QI rub. Rubbing the palms of the hands together and then offering this energy (from your heart) directly to the area of your body around your stomach.

Need help with the poses? I have a full yin yoga pose library on my website and there’s a link in my bio

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