On being human.

Sometimes I think that we get on our yoga mats and expect that everything needs to be perfect. That we need to be perfect and calm and clear and ‘insert any other expectation here’

But we don’t.

And we certainly don’t need to use our yoga (or meditation) practice to transcend our human-ness.

Being human is fucking hard.

And some days, sure, it’d be fucking amazing to be living on a cloud where nothing ever goes wrong and the only view we ever see is a rainbow in the clear blue sky.

But that’s unrealistic. Maybe you get there when you’re meditating (and maybe it’s amazing), but maybe you don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️

To be human is to be fucking magical.

To embrace our human-ness is fucking divine.

To encourage others to be human in all of its feeling, growing, sitting, moving, heaving, flowing, beautiful, painful, heavy, lightness, in a world where it can feel like too much is a fucking gift.

It’s not about being stuck in any kind of ‘oh, woe is me, I’m just a little human’ shit. It’s about understanding that being who we are, as we are, is important.

This is what I do on my mat when I step to it as a yoga teacher. I hold space for YOU to embrace your human-ness. To learn that it’s ok to FEEL. To really, honestly feel the vast array of sensation and emotion that goes along with this life.

Every single one of us is here, on this planet, as a human for a reason. Some of us need to save the planet. Some of us need to teach others to ascend. Some of us need to enlighten. Some of us need to hold others as humans.

No single person’s purpose is better than another person’s purpose. We are all here having an experience for different reasons, to show up in different ways, to heal what we can and need to heal and to leave the rest.

What’s my point? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I was just thinking about what I do as a yin yoga teacher, aside from the obvious. I’ve been comparing myself a lot lately, but I’m done. I need to keep showing up and offering my magic in my way.

Because that’s all I can do 🔥

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