Sometimes you need to unravel before you can grow.

Growth takes preparation, intention and following through on plans. It also sometimes hits you over the head when you never saw it coming and makes you really, really uncomfortable for a while.

My biggest times of growth have come through my biggest times of falling apart, breaking down and unravelling. It’s rarely felt like sunshine and rainbows and has more likely felt like a big woollen jumper that has been pulled apart and left in a heap before I somehow figure out how to knit it (myself) back together again.

The last 7 months have been a pretty big unravelling for me. At first, I don’t think I really realised, but then all of the ‘stuff’ kind of just got bigger, more intense and more noticeable. There have been many moments where all I wanted to do was quit, stick my head in the sand, go off grid for a while, but I knew that doing those things wouldn’t really be helping. It’s important for me to feel all of these feels and let them come up, come out and leave my being. Otherwise they’ll just keep getting bigger and stronger and they’ll cause more pain and tension and discomfort and I’ll have to deal with them eventually.

When we come into a yin yoga practice, it can become clearer for us to notice the tiny (and big) moments of unravelling. We start to notice when something in our body shifts, when we release a big emotion, when we realise that we’re having the same 4 thoughts over and over again. It’s a great place to start letting go and to really start paying attention. But, as with all uncomfortable things, it can be confronting. It’s good to know that going in.

Cultivating awareness may not change the fact that big growth can be challenging, but it helps us to more consciously choose how we respond to the challenges we face.

My point is this:

We can either stick our head in the sand, resist going through the process of falling apart and keep going and wonder why we feel heavy all the time, or we can drop in and do the work to see, feel, release and start feeling lighter. If there’s no space inside of us for new growth to occur, it’s unlikely to happen.

So, are you willing to unravel and make space so that you can grow?

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