Start by kneeling with your hips sitting back on your heels. If this is enough and you’re already feeling a stretch in the fronts of the thighs, you can stay here. If you can find more depth take your feet wide of your hips and take you sitting bones to the floor (you can also sit on a block or blanket if you can’t quite make it to the floor.


There are many choices here. You can stay upright. You can lean back over one (or several) bolsters, come back to your elbows (on the floor or on a bolster) or lay flat with no props to create a compression in the lower back and an opening in the fronts of the hips.

To exit the pose, keep your chin tucked and use your arms to assist you. You can roll to one side, or lift yourself up to unravel your legs. Move slowly and gently here. 

Physical Benefits:

  • Stretches fronts of thighs/hips

  • Compresses lower back (if reclined)

  • Stretches belly & chest (if reclined)

  • Stretches front of knees & top of ankles

Contraindications: Knee injuries, lower back injuries, ankle injuries

Props: As many as you need. Bolsters, blocks, blankets, towels. Anything that supports you in this pose.

Important: In your Yin Yoga practice it is extremely important to listen to your own body. Within some of these poses you may experience discomfort, but we are NOT looking for pain. If you have an injury, be sure not to push yourself. If you feel any pain or pinching, back off out of the pose or try something else.

Make sure you move in and out of these poses slowly and mindfully. Give your body time to understand the changes that are occurring and make sure you rest between poses so that your body can reset.

While each pose does list suggestions for props and the known contraindications, your body is unique. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe in your yoga practice ❤