From a seated position bend your left knee and bring it directly in front of you and have your left foot beside your right hip. From here see if you can take your right knee and bend it so that it’s stacking over your left, bringing your right foot to the outside of your left hip.


Try to stay seated evenly here through both hips. You can sit up on a block if you need extra support for your hips and feet. You have a choice to either stay seated upright here or you can fold forward.


To exit the pose use your hands to assist you to roll back up, unravel your legs, take some movement or rest and then repeat on the second side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Decompresses hips

  • Stretches spine (when folding forward)

  • Releases neck (if head dropped)

Contraindications: Knee injuries, lower back issues, hip issues, ankle issues. Elevate the hip to support your joints where needed here.

Props: Block and blanket if needed.


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