Sleeping Swan

We’re going to begin this pose by coming into our DEER variation. From deer, before you fold forward, if you are able to keep your front leg’s hip and thigh grounded you may like to straighten your back leg behind you and then fold your upper body forward.


Try not to use any props under the hip. If the hip lifts, don’t go as far and keep the back knee bent.


To exit the pose you can either bring yourself up, bringing weight into your hands and bring yourself onto hands and knees, you can come into downward facing dog or you can lay on your back before repeating on the second side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Releases outer hips

  • Can stretch front of back leg’s hip & thigh

  • If upright, provides a backbend

Contraindications: knee issues, hip issues, lower back issues.

Props: bolsters and blocks as needed.

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