Sphinx & Seal

Start on your belly and then lift your chest to bend your elbows so that they are stacking under your shoulders. Your hands will then rest straight out in front of you. Let your ribcage drop and your chest lift. There should be minimal effort in your arms to hold you up with your joints stacking (shoulders over elbows).


Your legs can be together or as wide apart as you need. We’re looking for a compression in the lower back, but we don’t want pain or pinching. Relax your legs and settle.


To exit start to walk your hands forward and bring your chest down towards the mat so you’re laying flat.

Physical Benefits:

  • Stretches front body

  • Compression of lower back

Contraindications: Lower back injury. Shoulder issues. If you are pregnant you likely need to avoid this pose so that your belly isn't pressing into the floor.

Props: You may like to use a bolster under your chest for support here.

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