Start from standing and bring your feet as wide as your yoga mat with your toes turning outwards. Bring your hands to your heart space with your palms together and start to bend your knees to bring your hips all the way down towards the floor.


Your elbows will be on the inner knees providing support here. If you need support under your hips you can use a block or bolster to sit on, but see if you can still feel the stretch in the hips and groins here. If you can’t make it all the way down you may just come halfway and rest your arms on your thighs.


To exit the pose it can feel really good to slowly lift your hips and come into a moving dangling pose, or you may just gently find your way straight down to lay on your back.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches hips, knees & ankles

  • Decompresses lower back

Contraindications: Knee issues, lower back issues, ankle issues. If this pose doesn't work for you, you may like to do the supported version on the wall.

Props: Bolster and or block if needed.

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