Thread The Needle & Outrigger

Start on hands and knees. Lift your right arm up towards the ceiling with an inhale and then use your exhale to thread your right arm under your left to bring your right shoulder down towards the floor. You can rest your head on the floor or a block. If coming all the way to the floor is not possible you can use a bolster here under your arm and shoulder.


Your left hand can either stay under your shoulder on the floor, it can reach in front of you or it can come behind your back.


To move into OUTRIGGER pose (pictured below), your left leg will straighten out beside you.


To exit the pose, bring your leg back in so both knees are grounded, bring your left hand back under your shoulder and then gently press into this hand to left yourself up bring yourself back to hands and knees. You can move or rest before repeating on the second side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Stretches shoulders & neck

  • Outrigger stretches inner leg

Contraindications: Neck and shoulder issues.

Props: Bolster and block as needed. You may also need to pad your knees with a blanket or towel.

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