Twisted Roots

Laying on your back bend both knees and bring your feet flat to the floor. Take your arms out wide and have your palms facing up. Cross your right thigh over your left (like crossing your legs if you’re sitting in a chair). You can let your right foot hang beside your left leg or it can hook around the back.


Gently lift your hips and move them to the right side of the mat and then let your knees drop to the left. Shoulders stay soft and your legs can either come all the way down to the floor or they can rest on a bolster.


Your head can stay centred or it can turn in either direction.


To exit the pose activate your core and lift your knees back to centre. Unravel your legs and take a few moments in stillness before repeating on the opposite side.

Physical Benefits:


  • Releases and rinses out tension in hips & spine

  • Opens arm lines

  • Massage/squeeze internal organs

Contraindications: If you have lower back issues or are pregnant, you may like to take a twist without crossing your legs. It is also good to use support under your knees so that you’re not compressing too much through your back or belly in the twist. Also be mindful of your neck & shoulders here. We want to avoid any tingling in the fingers.

Props: Bolster if needed.

Important: In your Yin Yoga practice it is extremely important to listen to your own body. Within some of these poses you may experience discomfort, but we are NOT looking for pain. If you have an injury, be sure not to push yourself. If you feel any pain or pinching, back off out of the pose or try something else.

Make sure you move in and out of these poses slowly and mindfully. Give your body time to understand the changes that are occurring and make sure you rest between poses so that your body can reset.

While each pose does list suggestions for props and the known contraindications, your body is unique. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe in your yoga practice ❤