From hands and knees keep your hips directly above your knees and to start to walk your hands and chest forward bringing your chest towards the floor and reaching your arms in front of you.


You can keep your arms straight in front or you can take them wider, or you can bend your elbows and take opposite hands to opposite elbows.


To exit the pose start to walk your hands and chest back up and either come to hands and knees to move a little, move onto your belly or take a few moments in child’s pose.

Physical Benefits:

  • Stretches chest      

  • Stretches neck & shoulders 

  • Opens heart space (front & back)

  • Mild backbend – upper & middle back

Contraindications: Neck and shoulder issues. Adjust the arms if you feel any tingling in the hands and/or fingers.

Useful Props: Bolster, blocks, blankets, towels.

Variation: This variation can be done with elbows on the ground or you can use a bolster underneath them for extra space.

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