Balance your


5-Part Online Yin Yoga Series

Strong. Powerful. Soft. Yielding. Growing. Nourishing.

How do you find balance between all of these different states?

By paying attention to them and the energy contained within. By intentionally giving yourself space to set free your inner magic & wisdom which balances and nourishes you.

These 5x 60min classes take you through the traditional Chinese Nourishing Cycle which brings together 5 elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) having a generating & nourishing relationship, feeding from one to the next, to leave you feeling deeply balanced, calm and, dare I say it, magical.

This 5-part Elemental Yin Series allows you to do exactly this. It is available for you to purchase and practice NOW. There is no expiry and you can practice these classes in your own time, as many times as you'd like and in any order you'd like ❤

Read on below to find out more about each Element.

Image by Sean Sinclair

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